Welcome, have a mug of coffee.

Picture of a strikingly handsome Caleb Grove

Greetings and salutations! You have found the online abode of eccentric Caleb Grove, amalgamation of hipster, redneck, geek, cowboy, and wannabe programmer. He is also an entrepreneur and runs OnRamp Web Design. Strange mix, I know.

His history is just as strange. He grew up in the middle of 11 other siblings, was homeschooled for his entire existence, and spent a disproportionate amount of his childhood on cattle ranches in central Montana. He built his first website at the ripe old age of 16 using iWeb.

He loves Christ, his siblings and parents, typography, coffee, history, learning, and speaking of himself in third-person.

You can find him on Twitter and .

The Site

This site was written by Caleb in Coda, Chocolat, and TextMate 2 (he can’t pick one) using the venerable Jekyll to build it (it’s awesome), with additional cools provided by highlight.js and Sass. Honorable mentions to an awesome playlist, Anvil, Forklift and all the slick folks at Freewaytalk.net.

Fonts used are Merriweather and Clear Sans.

You can find the source for this site on GitHub.

Hire Caleb

Caleb is a pretty awesome person to work with. If you want to hire him, pop over to his professional website at onrampwebdesign.com, see what he can do for you, and drop him a line. Alternately, just point your email client at caleb@onrampwebdesign.com.