Applelicous: Apple Device Frames

31 Dec 2012
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Download the Sketch document.

I just released Paper, a free Blogger/Freeway template, but was not ready to stop there. As you know, I can get a bit excessive at times (times=every hour of every day).

That’s why I’m now releasing Applelicous, a sweet set of shiny Apple devices to showcase your latest web projects. With the download, you get all of them in handy .png’s and the .sketch document to boot! Devices included: iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Cinema Display, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch (last 4 in black/white variants).

“Layer-up” the .pngs in Photoshop, Gimp, or Seashore, or even use it as an HTML layer with a slideshow behind it! Crop ‘em, squeeze ‘em, and squash ‘em. If you are lucky enough to have your hands on a copy of Sketch, you can open the included .sketch document to really make the most of Appleicous. Tweak them to your liking, and use them in your own designs!

Like the rest of my free stuff, I only have one stipulation on usage: You can’t sell these. So go ahead, save yourself some time, and grab a copy!

Published on 31 Dec 2012 by Caleb Grove.

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