22 Jan 2013
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In my early days of using Freeway, I had lots of questions, which meant I spent the majority of my time searching for answers. Answer-hunting was not very easy, as Freeway’s documentation is spread across the web in small bits and pieces.

You have the “official” documentation in the Using Freeway Guide (9.6 MB) and Softpress KnowledgeBase. Then, you have the wonderful Freewaytalk which, sadly, lacks a good search feature, as you get flooded in the results with tons of re: to each thread. In addition, there are lots of other tidbits of information scattered across the webosphere. You could always Google it, but imagine the results for “Freeway Rollover”. Trying to find a specific piece of information was incredibly frustrating, as it usually involved search through all the resources individually.

Then, I had an idea…

Build a custom search engine that only searches Freeway-relevant sites! Out of that FreewaySearch was born.

You can find it at, or try it here:

Also, if you use Alfred, I’ve created a little shortcut! Simply click here to add it to Alfred, then use the fs keyword to run the search. :)

Published on 22 Jan 2013 by Caleb Grove.

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