URGENT: The Future of ActionsForge

05 Mar 2014
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Walter Davis just posted this on Freewaytalk:

I just read in Wired magazine that TextDrive is shutting down again. TD is where the ActionsForge and FreeCounter applications live, and on March 14th, they will be no more.

As many of you might remember, Walter first alerted us to the now very real possibility of ActionsForge disappearing in May of 2012 with his Kickstarter. The Kickstarter project attempted to raise the necessary funds to enable him to build a new and improved ActionsForge, complete with version-checking, photos, example links, and more. Sadly, this initiative failed for lack of funds.

Walter is a bastion for the Freeway community. As one of the oldest users of FW (he’s been using it since I was 2 years old!), he’s spent uncountable hours answering noob questions and writing actions. If you’ve used FW for any time at all, I can guarantee that Walter has helped you, either through his input on Freewaytalk or via his innumerable actions.

ActionsForge is another indispensable piece of the FW universe. By providing tools to discover and download the hundreds of actions that have been created by Walter and other community members, it enables Freeway users to accomplish feats that would never be possible otherwise.

For years, these two pillars of our little community have quietly worked to make Freeway more powerful and usable, without any investment on our part. We’ve taken both Walter and ActionsForge for granted, assuming that they will always be around the service the Freeway community.

However, if we do not do something, this could cease to be true. When TextDrive shuts down on March 14th, ActionsForge could well go down with it.

ActionsForge was built using (what is now) very antiquated technology, and finding another server for it to run on could be well nigh impossible. The entire codebase would need to be completely rewritten to support a modern version of PHP, at the very least. This takes time and expertise. Walter has the expertise needed to make this work, but this project is a huge undertaking, and he can’t do it for free.

When the Kickstarter failed, Walter set up a page to collect pre-commitments. At this time, we are hovering at 38% funding. We need more.

This is your time to help give back to the Freeway community. Both Walter and ActionsForge have been gigantic assets to you, and now it’s up to you to ensure the future of ActionsForge.

I’m an 18 year old creative professional - and in school. I have yet to even purchase a car. I am far, far, from being even remotely wealthy. Between Backdraft ($10 gets earmarked for ActionsForge Next from each sale) and pledges made from my own pocket change, I’ve managed to collect nearly $2,000 for ActionsForge Next. I’m not telling you this to claim any sort of superiority - most of it is from my awesome Backdraft customers - but rather to put this next question in perspective.

What have you done?

Go pledge your help at actionsforge.com/next.

Published on 05 Mar 2014 by Caleb Grove.

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